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Frequently Asked Questions and general troubleshooting.

  • Is this an official Website by DigitialExtremes? (TM)
  • Nope, this is a regular fansite that is not supported or made by Warframe (c) creators DigitalExtremes(TM)
  • How can I sell a Riven?
  • Easy! Just head to: and go from there! Be ware though: You need to be logged in (upper right corner).
  • Why can't I login via Google, Twitter, Facebook or Github anymore? It says "Third party login failed".
  • With v1.3 (19th of June 2018) a verfied account became mandatory to sell rivens. You can link your third party logins after verification of your account and all your former rivens will be in place then.
  • How to register?
  • Hit "Sign Up" in the upper part of the page (Hint). Fill in your address and desired password two times, check the agreement and hit "Register" (Hint). After this you can directly log in into your account (Hint).
  • How to verify my account?
  • When you are logged in click on "Profile" in the upper part (Hint). Push "Verify Now!" (Hint). Type in your ingame nick and make sure it's written 100% correct. The verification is case sensitive. Now open a new tab and visit and look up for your profile ID there (Hint). Copy and paste it into the field "Forum: ID-ALIAS" in your tab (Hint). Hit "Generate Code" (Hint). This code needs to be copied and pasted into your warframe forum "About Me" (Hint1 Hint2). After you changed your "About Me" on warframe forum you switch to the tab and push "Try verification" (Hint). You should be verified by now.
  • What does the verification error "Error with username" mean?
  • It means that you may have misspelt your username. Best way to make sure that it's correct is to go into your warframe forum profile, mark it and copy and paste it to
  • What does the verification error "Error with token" mean?
  • This means that the token in your "About Me" in the warframe forums is not the same as the code generator gave you. May it be because you just retyped it and made a mistake (copy and paste is always more secure), you forgot to save your "About Me" (check for it yourself before you let the verification check) or you have tried a few times and didn't delete the old codes.
  • I'm sure I have done everything right and still can't verify. Why?
  • Sometimes the connection can't be established and it fails then. Try it again. If the error remains write an e-mail at
  • How to link third party logins to get my former rivens back?
  • Linking your old accounts to get your old rivens will be done in your profile through "Account Linking" (Hint). Just hit a third party login button and type your third party data in, send and then wait for the window to close (Hint). If you have more than one third party account to link be careful to just link one at a time (Hint). After this all your rivens are there (Hint).

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